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Wood-Fired Finnish Sauna

Located just outside the main lodge near the lake, our authentic, wood-fired Finnish sauna is an experience in and of itself.
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It was great to use the lake water to cool down! Persistence paid off on this trip. A thumbs up to the Larsmont Cottages on having a complete package for true relaxation and wellness! Two thumbs up to the Larsmont staff for being so pleasant throughout our time with them. We will see you again soon!
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Sauna Days

Rejuvenate & Relax the body, mind, and spirit with a Saunacation

Sauna Days is an annual festival dedicated to all things Finnish and Sauna. Strip down with strangers for a real traditional Finnish sauna experience. Learn sauna etiquette from like-minded sauna enthusiasts. Experience an intense sauna “buzz”, a kind of calm after a storm feeling but for the body and mind - a feeling that can linger for hours or even days! Don’t forget to transition between hot & cold with a plunge into Lake Superior - a required step in taking a proper sauna.

Photos: The Inaugural Sauna Days – 2019