Sauna Days

May 5-7, 2023
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Rejuvenate & Relax with a Saunacation
Sauna Days is an annual festival dedicated to all things Finnish and Sauna. Strip down with strangers for a real traditional Finnish sauna experience. Learn sauna etiquette from like-minded sauna enthusiasts. Experience an intense sauna “buzz”, a kind of calm after a storm feeling but for the body and mind - a feeling that can linger for hours or even days! Don’t forget to transition between hot & cold with a plunge into Lake Superior - a required step in taking a proper sauna.
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Speakers & Presenters

  • Glenn Auerbach
    Founder of and author of Sauna Build, Start to Finnish. He will be speaking about his current book project Sauna Life, From Heat Up To Cool Down, co-collaborated with sauna aficionado Tom Rolando. This book is a curated collection of photos, vignettes, and stories from other sauna enthusiasts. Its spirit and intention is to help describe and illustrate what it is about sauna that draws us in, captivates us, and is the ultimate reset button to our well-being. The six pillars of the project are hot/cold, nature/build, and solitude/friendship.
    Jesse Coomer
    A professional breathworker, a certified personal trainer, a leading author on the subject of cold exposure training, and a voice of practicality in the world of breathwork and cold exposure on his YouTube Channel, Midwestern Method. Learn more about Jesse at Sauna Times with Glenn.
    Scott Carney
    Scott Carney is an investigative journalist, anthropologist, and author of five books, including The Wedge and the New York Times best-seller, What Doesn't Kill Us. His work explores how the mind/body connection changes under different types of environmental stress. More information about Carney, his podcast, and YouTube channel at
  • Garrett Conover
    Garrett will be joining us all the way from deep in the woods in Maine. Garrett is a Northwoods winter expert, craftsman, and author of Sauna Magic. He will be speaking about his book and his recent travels to Lithuania. Learn more about Garrett at Sauna Times with Glenn.
    Rimas Kavaliauskas
    Rimas Kavaliauskas is a professional Lithuanian bathmaster, photographer, founder, and president of Lithuanian Bath Academy and International Bath Academy and co-author of the book Pirtis. He is a real living legend of the sauna world. Rimas was the person, who started the renaissance and renewal of Lithuanian bathing culture 20 years ago, the creator of modern whisking theory and architecture, and constructor of saunas and stoves. He also was the author of the idea of whisking championships.
    Birutė Masiliauskienė
    Birutė Masiliauskienė is a professional Lithuanian bathmaster, writer and poet, author of more than 100 books, teacher, therapist, lecturer of Lithuanian Bath Academy and International Bath Academy, president of the Association of Professional Bathmasters, co-author and host of a weekly sauna TV show Vantos Lapas (The Leaf of Whisk), co-author of book Pirtis. Having deep, lifelong connection to the natural plants tradition, academic, and humanitarian education, and knowledge of both modern bathing techniques, psychology, and ancient meditation and healing practices.

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Check-in Happy Hour with Local Beer & Cocktails 
Sauna Lovers' Social Hour with Finnish Apps & Cocktails
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Live Music & Bonfires


Lake Superior Morning Swim Club
Breakfast Buffet
All-Day Sauna Sessions
Sauna Talks & Presentations
Local Craft Beer Sampling
Blacksmith Demonstrations 
Finnish Smörgåsbord Buffet 
Live Music & Bonfires
The entire atmosphere was great! Sauna speakers were the highlight of the event and I loved being able to sauna all day in different styles of saunas.

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