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Things to Do Near Breezy Point

Assuming you want to leave your cabin.


The North Shore offers miles of breathtaking hiking trails both on the shoreline of Lake Superior and inland within Minnesota’s Northwoods.

Explore the wildly known Superior Hiking Trail –– otherwise known simply as the SHT. The SHT stretches all of 310 miles from Duluth to the Canadian border. This rugged but maintained footpath is a rewarding experience because of its raw look into nature and its awe-inspiring overlooks high above Lake Superior.

Hike around 8 incredible North Shore State Parks all near Breezy Point Cabins. You’ll likely be surrounded by roaring rivers and raging waterfalls –– hopefully, that’s not a problem for you.

Meet the new Breezy Point Trail
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The north shore is a prime destination for biking. With rapidly expanding trail systems for both road biking and mountain biking, you’ll find miles of adventure here.

For road bikers – keep an eye on the Gitchi Gami Trail. It will eventually span the north shore from Two Harbors to Grand Marais. Each year brings a new section of the trail to explore.

If you prefer mountain biking, the nearby Duluth Traverse Trail is a grand experience running the length of Duluth. Closer to home you’ll find the Lake County Demonstration Forest has some great opportunities for mountain biking as well.

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Cruising the “unsalted” sea on a calm day is one of the most peaceful activities you can do while visiting the North Shore. There is just something about gliding just above the water’s surface and peering out into an endless abyss. You can even see about 8 feet down through the crystal clear aqua blue water –– See Lake Superior from a whole new perspective!

Guided Kayak Tours: The Duluth Experience or Day Tripper of Duluth

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Trekking around on snowshoes is easy –– if you can hike you can snowshoe. Be prepared to be dazzled. Observe the winter silence. Savor your presence in this blessed setting. The air is crisp and best of all there are absolutely no bugs! 

Don’t have your own snowshoes? No Problem, Breezy Point Cabin’s offers free snowshoe rentals to resort guests.