Travel Dupes: Reimagining Travel with Odyssey Resorts

By Brett

In the spirit of adventure and discovery, we are diving into a travel trend that is shaping how we appreciate the wonders of the world, both near and far. Enter the world of travel dupes-- a new take on a familiar concept gaining popularity among seasoned explorers and leisure travelers alike. At Odyssey Resorts, we’re here to guide you through this trendy way of considering travel that celebrates worldly beauty and the distinctiveness of local destinations right here in Minnesota.

Let’s embark on a journey and uncover the hidden gems that lie within Minnesota’s North Shore. Immerse yourself in an experience reminiscent of renowned destinations, all while leaving your passport behind, and saving some of your hard-earned cash by travelling local.

What is a Travel Dupe?

Well, a travel dupe (short for duplicate), refers to a destination or experience that mirrors the essence of a famous, often more distant, travel location. These are spots that offer a similar vibe, boast comparable beauty, or adventure while being closer to home. It is important to remember that travel dupes are not intended to be a replacement or encompass similar cultural parallels as these vary greatly from location to location. Travel dupes tend to be less crowded and more budget-friendly making them a fantastic alternative for savvy travelers.

The concept of a travel dupe has been around for a while. One such example can be found in the poetry of late 19th century American transcendentalist and early environmentalist Henry David Thoreau, whose passion for his own backyard is well known

Why Should I Consider a Travel Dupe?

Choosing a travel dupe is a smart move for several reasons. First, it allows you to enjoy the essence of a similar location without the hefty price tags and exhaustion of long-distance travel.

Second, opting for a travel dupe also has environmentally-friendly benefits. By travelling closer to home, you’re likely to reduce your carbon footprint compared to international flights. Plus, local economies benefit greatly, which is especially important in areas and seasons that might not be as popular of a tourist destination but still has plenty to offer.

Essentially, travel dupes are about finding new, off-the-beaten paths and appreciating the uniqueness they bring.

So What are Some Examples of Travel Dupes for the Minnesota North Shore?

The North Shore of Minnesota offers a plethora of travel alternatives that are reminiscent of scenic, international destinations. Imagine the serene beauty of Canada’s Banff National Park, the rugged charm of Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, or the tranquil wilderness of Scandinavia—all of which can be experienced in a similar fashion along the majestic shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Often people remark that it feels like a place out of step with the rest of the state and feels like it's a place you’d need a passport to visit.

Through this exploration of travel dupes, we at Odyssey Resorts invite you to discover the magic of travel, where the journey is as special as the destination itself. Let’s celebrate the beauty that lies in our own backyard, waiting to offer experiences that resonate with the spirit of global adventures.

Explore More Travel Dupes

  • Lake Superior for Lake Tahoe

    Boasts the largest freshwater lake by surface area, offering serene beaches, kayaking, and hiking with less commercialization.

    Why Choose Lake Superior? 

    Experience unparalleled natural beauty and tranquility with lots of scenic coastline to get away from the crowds.

  • Duluth for Portland

    A vibrant port city with a rich maritime history, scenic views of Lake Superior, and a burgeoning local arts and culture scene. 

    Why Choose Duluth? 

    Discover a rich blend of cultural and natural attractions with fewer tourists. Explore the city filled with lakeside adventures, historic landmarks, and shopping, all with a relaxed Midwestern vibe.

    Stay lakeside at Beacon Pointe to enjoy uninterrupted views of Lake Superior with close proximity to Canal Park shopping.

  • Two Harbors for Cape Cod

    A charming lakeside town with historic lighthouses, rugged shoreline, and a slower pace of life.

    Why Choose Two Harbors? 

    Experience a more relaxed coastal atmosphere with rich history and natural beauty without the price tag.

    Choose from one of Odyssey Resorts three lodging properties in Two Harbors, Larsmont Cottages, Breezy Point Cabins, or Grand Superior Lodge.


  • Lutsen for Big Sky

    Offers a tranquil mountain experience with scenic hiking, alpine or nordic skiing, and stunning views of Lake Superior.

    Why Choose Lutsen? 

    Enjoy a cozy, serene mountain getaway with fewer crowds and a one-of-a-kind back drop featuring Lake Superior that also includes plenty of other outdoor activities for non-skiers.

    Choose from three different locations in Lutsen, Caribou Highlands, Mountain Inn, and Lutsen Sea Villas.

  • Grand Marais for Bar Harbor

    A quaint harbor village known for its arts community, iconic lake views, and proximity to the Boundary Waters and dark skies.

    Why Choose Grand Marais? 

    Discover a quieter, artistic retreat with stunning natural surroundings and shopping experiences right on the lake.

    Stay at East Bay Suites, right on Lake Superior with easy shore and shopping access with views of Artist's Point in downtown Grand Marais.

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