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Once winter has arrived, Minnesota turns into ski country. Our resorts on the North Shore and the Brainerd Lakes Area are surrounded by trails and slopes. No matter which if you prefer traditional Nordic (aka cross country) or downhill skiing, find all the best destinations in Northern Minnesota using the map below.

Trail Conditions

Essential Gear

The Basics - You can't glide the trails without skis, boots, and poles, and depending on which type of skiing you want to do each style requires slightly different gear. 

Clothing - Dressing in layers is your best bet for staying warm and comfortable. Packing a daypack is also a good idea for storing extra clothes. Start with a thermal base layer like long underwear. Then on top wear a breathable light jacket, followed by a warmer coat if conditions are cold. For pants it's best to wear snow pants - lighter material is recommended for Nordic skiing because you'll be working harder. Proper socks are vital - ski-specific socks are recommended. 

Eye Wear - is important for both downhill and cross-country skiing. Ultimately it will protect your eyes from the wind. 

Gloves - Non-bulky gloves work best for Nordic skiing and mittens work well keeping your hands warm on the chairlift for downhill skiing. It's a good idea to pack some hand warmers in case you need to warm your hands quickly.

Water/Snack - Avoid getting hangry and ruining your outing by packing a granola bar and a water bottle. If your daypack has a water blatter, even better. 

Ski Pass - Most importantly make sure you have the proper pass with you. You won't be able to ride the chair lifts without one on the hills and Minnesota requires you to have The Great MN Ski Pass if your 16 and older to ski groomed trails in Minnesota Parks. Your Ski Pass fee helps support Minnesota's cross-country ski trail system!

Great MN Ski Pass

Equipment Rentals

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