Protecting Biodiversity on the North Shore

By Brett
Come on a journey, exploring the past, present, and potential future human impact of biodiversity on the North Shore
The North Shore of Minnesota stands as proof of the awe-inspiring beauty and ecological richness which the natural world has to offer. From ice and snow of winter to spring thaw which ushers in waterfall season, to beautiful summers, and then the transition fall season with its vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds make up an impressive landscape. It’s also impossible to leave out the November Witch, more commonly known as the November Gales which affect the shoreline, where the flora and fauna has been able to adapt to wild changing conditions. Climate isn’t the only thing affecting the North Shore, but humans as it has become a destination for those trying to get away for a while and connect with nature. Come on a journey, exploring the past, present, and potential future human impact of biodiversity on the North Shore.

A trip through the past

The history of the North Shore is complex and deeply embedded with the landscape that attracts so many travelers year-round and those who choose to make it their home. The Ojibwe Native American community have revered these lands for centuries, creating a critical part of their cultural and spiritual heritage which can still be seen today. The Voyageurs, the first European settlers, worked with the Ojibwe to trade goods, such as fur from otters and mink. Later, other industries took predominance such as fishing, logging, and mining. These activities have left a lasting impact on the environment. History lets us appreciate the interconnected human and ecological narrative, as we sit on the border of the wilderness and communities which exist on the North Shore today.

The activities all played their part in reshaping the environment, disrupting habitats, and affecting the balance of native species and wildlife. However, the narrative has shifted in recent years.

The human influence on the North Shore’s biodiversity is ever evolving. With growing awareness of sustainable practices, local communities, individual stewardship, and organizations have been working hard to do their part to mitigate, impact, and improve the region’s biodiversity to help it thrive.

From Tall Trees to Fungi

An impressive array of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers compose the flora seen on the North Shore which make up its distinctive biodiversity. The boreal forest dominates the landscape, composed of cedar, aspen, paper birch, balsam poplar, spruce, maples, and more. These tall, towering sentinels are the first to herald changing seasons, from verdant greens to the fiery fall colors before leaves drop in winter. Wildflowers and fungi get plenty of attention from visitors to the North Shore, rounding out the area’s splendor and diverse ecosystem, providing a vital habitat for wildlife, providing food and shelter which maintains the balance of nature.

Nuturing Biodiversity

Maintaining and bringing back biodiversity requires a collective effort from organizations, communities, and individuals. Employing conservation practices like responsible land management and habitat restoration play a critical role in preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems. Embracing sustainable forestry practices and minimizing invasive species can safeguard and help fight back against disruptions to Minnesota’s biodiversity.

At Odyssey Resorts, we believe in the strength of the individual to impact change and make a difference. Through our Sustainability from the Heart initiatives, we’re committed to finding ways to reduce waste and conserve energy. We’re also fostering and forming partnerships with local organizations, like the Superior Hiking Trail, and others that share the same values and commitments to sustainable practices, such as rewilding, which maintains and brings back biodiversity.

These partnerships serve to inspire and educate our guests about the North Shore’s biodiversity and join in our efforts. Together, we can ensure the landscape’s flora and fauna continue to thrive for future generations who visit the North Shore.

Embracing Best Practices

It’s essential for visitors, residents, and our properties alike to adopt responsible behaviors. Avoiding disruption of wildlife habitats, littering, and participating in local conservation initiatives can all make a significant difference. Educating ourselves and others about the importance of protecting biodiversity fosters a sense of stewardship that benefits the environment and those blessed to visit or call it home for future generations.

In addition, Odyssey Resorts is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices in its operations, including energy-efficient light bulbs, and minimizing water consumption all in hopes of minimizing our footprint on the landscape. All-the-while letting leaders step forward through personal stewardship in trying to contribute to a future where the biodiversity of the North Shore can flourish.

Learn more about how Odyssey Resorts is driving Sustainability from the Heart.
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