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By Odyssey Resorts
Duluth and the North Shore are becoming a must-stop mountain bike destination for riders, and it's no longer a secret!
Mountain biker resting on a rock overlook.
Northern Minnesota is becoming a must-stop mountain bike destination for riders, and it’s no longer a secret. The North Shore and Lake Country have over 200+ miles of single and doubletrack trails. The recent addition of Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge has expanded resort-goers' options. So, take advantage of the trails and enjoy the ride!

Before you go!

Before heading out on the trails, make sure you check the trail status. Trails can be temporarily closed right after heavy rain. Beyond making sure the trails are open, check out our recommended gear list to ensure you have a fun and safe ride. 

Trail Status

7 Essential Gear Items

Helmet - You never know when you might fall, and often your head is the first to hit because your hands are gripping the handlebars. Don't ride without a helmet.

Water / Hydration System - Water bottles fixed to your bike frame are the cheapest option but consider bringing a small pack with a water bladder. Mountain biking isn't easy, and on hot days you might need more than one water bottle.

Gloves - Should be a high priority for several reasons. A pair of decent riding gloves often have palm padding, which helps reduce hand fatigue, and they provide excellent grip, so you don't worry about your hands slipping off your handlebars at crucial times.

Hand Pump - Your tires can lose air while riding over rough terrain. A pump can save you a long walk back to your car. Depending on which type of tires you have, you'll want to bring an extra tube or sealant.

Glasses - Sunglass or clear protective lenses are excellent safety wear from sticks to bugs hitting you in the eye.

Multi-Tool - An essential multi-tool is handy to have if you need to tighten parts that become loose on the trail.

Riding Partner - The trails on the North Shore can get very remote, and the last thing you want to happen on a fun ride is to be stranded by yourself in the middle of the forest. Partner up!

Equipment Rentals 

Sawtooth Outfitters 
7213 Hwy. 61 – P.O. Box 2214
Tofte, MN 55615
(218) 663-7643

Recreational Sports Outdoor Rental
153 Sports & Health Center
1216 Ordean Court
Duluth, Mn 55812

Outdoor Program Rental
1200 Kenwood Ave
Duluth, MN 55811

Continental Ski & Bike 
1305 E. 1st St.
Duluth, MN 55805

Guided Experience 

Day Tripper of Duluth
Fireweed Bike Coop. 
3 Broadway, Grand Marais, MN 55604
(218) 387-2186

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