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Going up north is one of many Minnesota customs that your family can enjoy together. Here are a few ideas for getting started!

There are many famous things about Minnesota, including its abundance of lakes. Lake Superior, the biggest lake in the country, offers a scenic view on the North Shore. Odyssey Resorts has many hotels to stay at along the beautiful North Shore. Make long-lasting traditions with your family at Odyssey Resorts beginning this summer to enjoy together in the years to come! Our resorts offer adventure for all ages and interests. Whether your children are four or 24, there are plenty of fun new traditions you can start at Odyssey Resorts this season — and every season!

There’s much talk about going up north. It’s part of Minneapolis culture to call everything outside the cities “up north,” but many people have no idea where “up north” precisely is. It’s one of those quintessential Minnesota things, but you know you feel it when you’re there, immersed in the beauty of places like Brainerd and the North Shore.

Our resorts offer a unique presence as your home away from home. Our rustic vibe makes you feel like you are in your very own cabin, with unbeatable access to exceptional Minnesota food culture (including at our on-site restaurants) and Minnesota art.

While it can sometimes seem like a Minnesota stereotype that everyone goes to a family cabin on a lake, that’s not the case. Many prefer the benefits of a stunning lakeside lodging with Odyssey Resorts, minus the constant upkeep. With nine destinations to choose from along the North Shore and in Brainerd, you have flexibility to choose a new place every time you get away. Come visit Odyssey Resorts and find out for yourself — then make it your family's go-to destination. Our locations across Minnesota are spacious, comfortable and offer remarkable views for your family to stay at, as well as lakeside cottages in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Odyssey Resorts is where traditions are born. Many of our guests return to enjoy the experiences they’ll only find at our resorts, over and over again.

Road Trips

Experience the culture in Minnesota by discovering the northern parts of the state with a road trip! Some traditions you can make with your family on the way include a road trip to the North Shore. The journey should be as fun as the destination. When traveling across the Midwest to Odyssey Resorts, you can stop at sites and turn them into moments.

Nature Hikes

When guests arrive, they can embark on exciting adventures. The North Shore has a wide range of hiking trails. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or trying it for the first time, having a trained professional guide you and your family through the experience is always a good idea. This is a perfect activity to do with older children. It’s a great way to talk with your children and spend quality time with them while soaking up the outdoors.

Dog-Friendly Adventures

Our resorts are pet friendly, so your four-legged friends can come along on the journey as you explore Minnesota culture. One great tradition is taking your furry friend to the dog parks in Duluth, where they can play with other dogs and get some exercise. Another option is going on trail walks, where you can both enjoy the great outdoors and some fresh air. And for those who prefer to stay indoors, having the comfort of a cozy room with your loyal companion by your side can also be a great tradition to start. Whatever you choose, spending time with your dog is always rewarding, so you can create memories that last a lifetime.

There is plenty of fun Minnesota stuff to discover this summer, and what better place to do it than at Odyssey Resorts? No matter how small a tradition may seem when it begins, it can bring your family together in new ways and lay the foundation for new memories that are still unwritten. Traditions strengthen the bond between family members, and are unique to your family and make up who you are. Just like Odyssey Resorts is unique, so is your family. Where will your next Odyssey Resorts tradition begin? Discover all the possibilities and book your summer getaway now!

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