5 Great Ways to Spend Rainy Mornings on the North Shore

By Odyssey Resorts
Spring is known for its quiet, rainy days and on the North Shore, they’re even more beautiful. The perfect opportunity to slow down, relax and soak up the incredible views around you, rainy mornings can be the best part of vacation. Not sure what to do indoors? Whether you simply want to put your phone away and enjoy the moment or indulge in self-care, we have five great ideas to get started here.
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1. Read a good book by the fire

When life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to read. Vacation creates the perfect time to get back to what’s most important through the little moments you create for yourself and the people you’re with – like reading together. If you’re heading up north, be sure to pack a few favorite books. Curling up by the fire with a good book you’ve been wanting to read while the rain falls outside is a great activity to experience while staying on the North Shore. For reading inspiration, check four Northern Minnesota-themed recommendations in our Spring Reading Guide.

2. Indulge in a massage

A massage can work wonders for your sense of wellbeing and physical body. Set aside time to tune in and relax while receiving a head-to-toe massage, and enjoy the calm and peace of mind that comes with it. Afterward, you’ll feel rejuvenated and renewed for the rest of your day. What better time to get a massage than during soothing rainfall? Larsmont Cottages offers several massage options focused on deep tissue, toxin release, prenatal and more.

3. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

Instead of grabbing a quick routine coffee to go, why not savor it while taking in a view of Lake Superior? Whether you make your own cup of coffee or tea, or stop by Ledge Rock Grille or Moguls Grille for a hot beverage, there’s countless spots around the resort to sit and enjoy watching the lakeside and nature outside while it rains.

4. Take a sauna

There’s never a wrong time to sauna, but cloudy, rainy and snowy days certainly make for perfect sauna weather. Our wood-fired Finnish Sauna at Larsmont Cottages is truly one of a kind with plenty of room to sprawl out inside and an unbelievable view, sitting on the shoreline of Lake Superior. When it rains, cool off outside the sauna just by stepping outside. For more rainy day fun, have an indoor pool day at Beacon Pointe, Grand Superior Lodge, Lutsen Sea Villas or Caribou Highlands.

5. Cuddle with your dog

Odyssey Resorts is dog friendly, so your furry friend can enjoy all the North Shore has to offer right alongside you. If it’s raining outside, grab a cozy blanket and spend some time petting your dog while savoring the beauty outside, or enjoy down time watching a movie. Then head out for a walk along the shoreline after!

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