Fishing Spots on the North Shore

By Odyssey Resorts
On the North Shore we have some go-to destinations that are sure to keep your line tight.
With a nickname like “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” it’s no surprise that Minnesota consistently ranks among the top fishing destinations in North America. And, not to toot our own horn, but Minnesota is actually home to precisely 11,842 lakes, including major fishing destinations like Mille Lacs, Lake Minnetonka, Leech Lake. While the whole state is an angler’s dream, here on the North Shore we have some go-to destinations that are sure to keep your line tight.

Before you go!

Before heading out on your next fishing trip, be sure to purchase a Minnesota fishing license. Beyond that, check out the list below for information on gear you’ll need for different types of fishing.

Additional Gear
• Fishing license with trout stamp
• Waders
• Net
• Clippers
• Hooks
• Fly box
• Split shot weights
• Bobbers
• Mono fishing line

Instream Fishing
A fly rod or long casting rod (8-12-foot-long) will work for many fishing techniques when angling in-stream. Whether you are bobber fishing or using a drifting method, rigging up a 4-foot leader line with a 6-10-pound monofilament is recommended. For bobber fishing holding holes, it is good to tip your line with a spawn sac or crawler on a size 8-14 hook. Drifting is another technique and one of the most effective ways to catch steelhead in fast-moving water. Attach your favorite fly or egg pattern and start with smaller split shot weights and work your way up to find the appropriate weight, so your line floats naturally with the stream without snagging the bottom. Use a spawn sack, crawler, or just yarn tied to a small hook that is no bigger than a size eight.

Shoreline Fishing
You can use nearly any type of fishing rod, but if you want to increase your chances of landing a fish from shore, you may want to invest in an 8-12-foot-long rod. A longer rod will dramatically increase your casting distance and provide you with better drag when reeling in these aggressive fish. The two methods of fishing from shore are bobber fishing and casting. You'll want to use weighted casting bobbers and heavier spoons to get further out from the shoreline. Recommended spoons consist of Lil'Cleos and Krocodiles that weigh a quarter ounce to three-quarter ounces, and some popular colors are gold/pink, blue/silver, and orange/gold. Rigging a bobber setup for shoreline casting is similar to in-stream fishing where you'll want a 4-foot leader line following your bobber and a fly or looper bug tied.
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