Create Your Own Hallmark Movie Moments at Beacon Pointe

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The charm of Duluth draws visitors all year round but come winter this picturesque city transforms into a genuine winter wonderland. If you’re a fan of holiday films and romance, you’ve undoubtedly caught glimpses of iconic Duluth locations recently. Last year, Hulu’s Merry Kiss Cam delivered a romantic love story of two very different people framed through a hockey kiss cam.

This year the Hallmark Channel’s Rescuing Christmas, stars Minnesota-born actress Rachel Leigh Cook as Erin, a photographer, win three wishes in a plan drawn up by two of Santa's elves to spread the Christmas spirit. However, the scheme backfires after Erin's last wish that causes Christmas to disappear entirely. Soon enough, she’ll have a change of heart and must rally the community along with the help of two of Santa’s elves to help save the Christmas spirit. Rescuing Christmas released as part of the Hallmark Channel’s annual Countdown to Christmas.

This holiday season, experience these filming locations and romantic spots firsthand to create your own Hallmark moments with Odyssey Resorts!

The Romantic Getaway

Beacon Pointe

Located near the heart of Duluth, Beacon Pointe offers a cozy and romantic backdrop for your own holiday adventures. Imagine waking up to sweeping, uninterrupted views of Lake Superior and the Aerial Lift Bridge, with snowflakes falling quietly outside. There’s no better place to begin your holiday love story.

Lake Superior Railroad Museum

As featured in Rescuing Christmas, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum offers a trip down memory lane for visitors. Wander through historic train cars and immerse yourself in a bygone era. Hold hands with your loved one, as you marvel at the majestic trains and artifacts as you imagine a romantic journey across the Northern Minnesota landscape.

Frost River & Dovetail Café

Indulge in some intimate moments at Frost River and the Dovetail Café. Explore its timeless leather goods and pick up a gift for family or friends. Afterward, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or a savory treat from Dovetail Café. The rustic charm and warm ambiance make them perfect for quiet, intimate conversation and creating shared memories together.

OMC Smokehouse

Make reservations to fall in love with a feast made for all your senses at OMC Smokehouse. This restaurant serves up hearty dishes which will warm you and your loved one’s soul. Share a plate of smoked delicacies, and let the flavors kindle your romance. Reservations are recommended.

Essentia Duluth Heritage Center & Carmody Irish Pub

Relive the scenes from Merry Kiss Cam by visiting the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center. Watch local hockey teams duke it out on the ice or join in free skating with your partner. The memories of ice skating, playful moments, and Duluth’s rich hockey tradition really come alive here. As the evening sets in Carmody Irish Pub awaits with its lively ambiance and selection of brews to enjoy. Raise a toast to love and memory in this iconic pub featured in the film.

Bayfront Festival Park

The twinkling lights of Bayfront Festival Park are a sight to behold. This filming location is perfect for evening strolls. The sounds of laughter and the scent of festive treats fill the air, making it a romantic hotspot during the holiday season.

Importantly during the holiday season, Bay Front Festival Park is the site of Bentleyville Christmas Lights:
A mesmerizing display that stretches as far as the eye can see, these lights weave a tapestry of magic and wonder. Walk hand in hand up the canopy of lights, make wishes upon the festive displays, and seal your visit with a kiss near the giant Christmas tree. No trip to Duluth would be complete without a visit to the Bentleyville Christmas Lights during the holiday season.

This holiday season, let Duluth be the setting for your romantic adventure. Odyssey Resorts ensures a memorable stay at Beacon Pointe’s cozy confines and lets you and your loved one explore the city’s iconic sites and landmarks. If you’ve ever fantasized about living your own Hallmark moment with a loved one, Duluth is the place to make it happen. Book your stay and embark on a journey of love, North Shore magic, and wonder.

Experience the romantic allure of Duluth. Let Odyssey Resorts be your guide to a holiday filled with love and memories.

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