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Your Exclusive Guide and Sneak Peek Into 218 Days

Odyssey Resorts’ Director of Sales Sara Zeleznikar shares what
inspired the inaugural event, her must-try day-of highlights,
and her favorite reasons to love the North Shore
On February 18, the North Shore will come together to celebrate everything that makes the 218 area code one of a kind. From the stunning snowy winters, unbeatable fish frys, dynamic beer scene, and endless outdoor adventure to the warm, welcoming hospitality, Northern Minnesota’s culture makes the state feel like home to so many. Creating an opportunity to pay tribute to the region’s uniqueness seemed only natural to Sara Zeleznikar, Director of Sales at Odyssey Resorts.
Growing up on the North Shore,
what was your experience like and
how did that influence this event?
Growing up, my family spent a lot of time outside and definitely embraced winter — 218 Days really brings people outdoors in the winter! We had a sauna growing up, so I love that we’re really embracing the sauna culture and incorporating that into 218 Days. Hartley Nature Center was my backyard growing up, and the fact that they’re a partner and they’re willing to provide free rentals to families also speaks to a really nice community connection. In a lot of ways, 218 Days includes things that I love — eating, drinking, shopping, live music, various workout options, getting outside, and just being connected.
How do you envision 218 Days evolving in the future?
I’m really excited to grow this into a weeklong celebration! Including the long weekend is going to be really a nice tie with this event. I want to focus on the arts community and try to arrange a writers’ and artists’ retreat and multi-day music festival where we can have core partners as well as other businesses coming in throughout the week. I’m really excited to see how it will grow.

“As we grow, we’re really looking forward to expanding well
beyond the North Shore,” adds Aaron Bosanko, Vice President of
Sales and Marketing at Odyssey Resorts. “I really hope we can
pull off some snow golf next year, whether it’s one big course on
a lake or if we have multiple properties set up a single hole so
people have to putt-hop, so to speak, with hockey sticks.”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of
the first-ever 218 Days on February 18!

Come celebrate everything that makes the 218 area code unique, and a source of shared Minnesota pride.
Sample local food and beverages, explore the outdoors with skiing tours and stargazing, and choose from a
variety of live music options. Hurry, book your lodging now!
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