Your Complete Packing List for Cold-Weather Adventures

By Odyssey Resorts

Prepare for an unforgettable getaway with these 10 items!

If you’re heading to Odyssey Resorts for a memorable stay on Minnesota’s iconic North Shore, be prepared for chilly temperatures, lots of snow, and of course, endless fun. The winter and spring seasons are prime time for all types of outdoor adventures, from down-hill skiing to hiking among frozen waterfalls. Enjoy peace of mind and be prepared for anything with our packing list, featuring 10 essentials to pack before leaving home and during your day in the snow. Whatever adventure you choose, these items are sure to come in handy and keep you comfortable, so you can enjoy the outdoors all day long.

Our snow gear checklist:

1. Snacks

Odyssey Resorts has excellent dining options with tasty food and beverages like flatbreads, chicken and walleye, the perfect way to warm up and wind down after a long day. But while you’re on-the-go during the day, be sure to pack a snack that will keep you fueled and ready for adventure. Trail mix, granola bars, pretzels and beef jerky are easy to toss in a backpack or pocket and hearty enough to satisfy hunger and keep you going. 

2. Sunglasses 

The sun shines bright along the North Shore of Lake Superior during the coldest months of winter. If you’re planning to hit the slopes or simply take your dog for a walk, keep a pair of sunglasses on hand. Worried about losing them on your adventure? Wear a sunglasses strap around your neck to avoid misplacing your favorite pair — and this way you won’t have to hold onto them. 

3. Headlamp 

Wearing a headlamp or keeping one in your bag is a must for outdoor activities, especially in the afternoon. Since the sun sets earlier during the winter than in summer, having a headlamp on hand can keep you exploring even after it gets dark, and well into the evening. Even if you don’t plan to adventure at night, it’s a smart way to be prepared, especially if you choose to go hiking offsite. 

4. Hand warmers 

Keeping a rechargeable hand warmer device or disposable packets with you can provide extra heat when needed. If you’re enjoying trekking through the woods on snowshoes or snowboarding down Lutsen Mountain and aren’t ready to go inside just yet, placing hand warmers in your mittens is a great way to stay cozy. 

5. Water bottle 

When you’re on the move being active, drinking water is especially important. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle that’s easy to fill up and store it in your backpack for quick access whenever you need it. 

6. Portable charger 

While you may not be spending much time on your phone draining the battery, keeping a fully-charged portable charger with you can’t hurt — especially if you plan to enjoy a whole day on the slopes or a full-day hike. Having a portable charger ready to go means you’ll always have a way to contact and keep track of your group. Plus, you’ll be able to take plenty of photos! 

7. Sunscreen 

People don’t always think about getting sunburns in the snow, but it can certainly happen. Before leaving the resort to head out for your outdoor activity, be sure to apply sunscreen on your face. And if you plan to be out for a few hours, throw some in your backpack so you can reapply as needed. 

8. Wool socks 

Wool socks are an iconic staple in Northern Minnesota, and for good reason: they’re warm. If you plan to be on your feet all day while hanging out in cold weather, you’ll want to be comfortable. These (and insulated footwear) are a tried-and-true way to accomplish that. Be sure to pack a few pairs, and if you need extra heat, wear two layers. 

9. Base layers 

Sometimes called long underwear, base layers are fitted pants and long-sleeve shirts that are worn under other cold-weather clothing for extra warmth. These garments act as a second skin and keep you dry. Other types of clothing can keep you warm, but if temperatures are extra cold or you plan to be outside for a long period of time, using a base layer can add comfort. 

10. Hat and gloves 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but hats and gloves can be easily forgotten when packing for a cold-weather trip. Bringing a hat that covers the ears, like a knitted beanie or insulated headband, will keep you warm and comfortable. And, be sure to bring an extra pair of gloves or mittens in case one pair gets wet in the snow. 

See you on the slopes and trails! 

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