Wildlife Photography on the North Shore

North Shore Conversations Episode 1: North Shore photographer Paul Sundberg.

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North Shore Conversations is our new series of, well, conversations with folk from the north shore that inspire us and have a unique perspective of our corner of Minnesota. We hope this series introduces you to some new aspects of Lake Superior's north shore and perhaps inspires you to experience something new on your next visit. 

Our first Conversation was with Paul Sundberg, a Grand Marais-based photographer featured in our E-Break newsletter for many years. 

Sundberg accepted a position with the state park service in the late 70s and has been photographing the north shore's landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife ever since.

In this Conversation we focus on wildlife photography. Covering the most photogenic fauna by season and tips on finding them. 

He's also got an incredible wolf encounter story that you won't want to miss. 

Prints of all the photographs featured in our Conversation and hundreds more are available at paulsundbergphotography.com.

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