Three Reasons to Embrace Relaxation and Wellness With a Sauna

By Odyssey Resorts
Here’s why you’ll want to bask in the warmth of a sauna all year long.

During the winter months, there’s no better way to escape the cold and snow than by warming up than with a sauna. But taking saunas during the summer is one of the best ways to reap all the health and wellness benefits saunas can provide. At Odyssey Resorts, guests have various sauna options, including a rare opportunity to do so in an authentic Finnish Sauna overlooking Lake Superior! Discover three health and wellness reasons to make saunas part of your summer stay here.

Helps Relax and Clear the Mind 

Being in a sauna is a chance to unplug from daily activities and any possible stress. With no phone or distractions, saunas offer a place to simply breathe, be present, and even meditate. At Odyssey, our guests can watch the waves outside to help clear the mind, reconnect with the physical body and enjoy being exactly where you are. Stepping out of the sauna can feel like a reset, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

May Improve Circulation 

While every person’s experience is unique, saunas have the potential to support several physical systems and functions. Because saunas use dry heat and can reach a maximum temperature of 195°F, this causes an increased pulse while in the sauna, and can improve blood circulation. According to Mayo Clinic, the physical benefits of saunas can also be linked to the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Reduces Physical Tension 

Saunas provide an opportunity to experience more heat than normal, and in some cases, the exposure to this environment can support relief for areas of physical pain. The warm temperatures cause muscles and joints to relax throughout the body, often creating a sense of calm even if you weren’t aware of any tension.

Indulging in a sauna experience is not only enjoyable — it can offer a range of health and wellness improvements. For an opportunity to relax and reset with a sauna on the North Shore this summer, start planning your getaway with Odyssey Resorts!


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