The New Face of Family Vacations

Family vacations are on the rise at all of the Odyssey Resorts, but not the kind you might expect.

Year after year we host more siblings reminiscing, reconnecting, and reliving the best of their childhood. All without the fighting and teasing of yesteryear.

Not only that but more and more, kids are bringing their parents on vacation. Whether it’s a thank you for all of the diapers they changed and school plays they attended, or a way to get to know one another as adults we see a lot of grown-up kids enjoying vacations with their parents.

Kids Are Never Too Old

for a family vacation.

Brothers & Sisters:

Reconnect – like the good old days
(without the cooties).

Where to Stay

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What To Do

Daily Must-do List

  • Enjoy a bonfire
  • Toast each other
  • Laugh together
  • Dine together
  • Explore together
Enjoy a bonfire with your family.




Phenomenal Fare

  • Va Bene Cafe, Duluth
  • Ledge Rock Grille, Two Harbors
  • New Scenic Cafe, Two Harbors
  • Harbor House Grille, Grand Marais

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