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Kayaking on Lake Superior



Easy-Moderate  |  APPROX. 1.5-3 HOURS
Price: $90
Two Harbors | Larsmont Cottages
Two Harbors | Grand Superior Lodge
Experience the wonder of Lake Superior in a whole new way. Get on the big water with one of our experienced and knowledgeable guides. Take in views of the lake and the shoreline's beauty while learning a new skill.

What to Bring

Bring shoes that you don't mind getting wet (Sandals are fine but no flip-flops), Sunscreen, Plenty of Water and snacks, weather-appropriate clothing. Nylon/polyester base layers are best. Cotton will not wick/repel moisture. Long sleeve wind shirts work well—an extra change of clothes to leave in the vehicle is recommended.

What to Know

Transportation is provided via shuttle but you may drive yourself. Expect to get wet as you get in and out of the kayak. For your safety in the event of inclement weather (defined as waves more than 2 feet, constant wind exceeding 15mph, and/or thunder and lightning), the tour will be canceled, and payment will be refunded. Ages 14+

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Information & Policies


48-hours notice is required for a full refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours will result in 50% refund. Cancellation due to inclement weather will result in a 100% refund.


In the event of light to medium rainfall, the tour will still go out. In cases of extreme inclement weather such as thunderstorms or when the temperature drops below zero including windchill, we will cancel the tour and contact you a minimum of 1-hour in advance, and provide a 100% refund.


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