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New Year & New Places To Explore

Get off the beaten path

Here is to trying something new this year

Sometimes there is nothing more important than trying something new. At Larsmont, we are working hard to bring you new ways to experience the North Shore - at the resort and nearby locations. Myself and the rest of the staff here have excellent knowledge of the area to get you to where you need to go. Don't hesitate to stop one of us for tips on your next adventure.

Personally, I used to do the same old thing repeatedly for years. It took effort to open myself up to discovering new things, but my whole world changed once I did. I gained a new and deeper appreciation for everything that the North Shore has to offer. To this day, I always take a turn I haven't taken before, get onto a body of water that I haven't paddled before or step onto a trail that hasn't seen my footprints. Doing these things has made me anxious to see what else is out there.
If you ever chat with me around a fire, you will hear me say, "I am more likely to tell you where not to go than where to go." I say that for a reason. The vastness of possibilities for things to do on the shore is limitless. In this installment, I will give you a few examples of what I mean when I say that.
Gooseberry Falls and Betty's Pies are both amazing in their own right, but odds are if you grew up in or even close to Minnesota that you have already been there - perhaps several times. These are not bad places, but if you take that once a year trip to the shore and these are the only places you visit, you are really missing out on some incredible spots on the North Shore. Going the extra mile on the shore can really show you a whole new world. Go the extra mile to Tettagouche and hike up shovel point. Keep on going and see what the fantastic Temperance River has to offer. Keep on going through Tofte and Lutsen and eventually to Grand Marais, and beyond that, the highest falls in Minnesota at Grand Portage. All of these amount to nothing more than a couple hours' worth of driving from Larsmont.
Grand Marais Lighthouse - Gales of November

Just Turn Left

More hidden driving gems can be found when you take a left-hand turn at just about any point while driving up highway 61. Take the Temperance River road by Tofte and drive along the beautiful upper reaches of the river until you reach the "Grade" or continue on until you get to the insanely scenic "600" road. These roads will take you into the middle of nowhere. You may not even see another car while you are traveling these backroads. Keep in mind that these roads are so remote that they may or may not be accessible in winter. 

Ever been up the Sawbill, Caribou or Gunflint trails? It's incredible how many people I speak to have been coming to the shore for years and have never seen these places. Make it a priority; it will be worth your time. Set a goal to see what each of these places has to offer. These places will take you to some beautiful, remote, middle of nowhere destinations.

Shovel Point - Silver Bay, Minnesota 

A New Year's Resolution

Lastly, I would tell you not to go anywhere where other cars and people are. That is my most important tip. If you genuinely want a North Shore experience, solitude will enhance it greatly. Take the time to find those things off the beaten path that will enable you to experience that moment in time with the least amount of distractions. You will have a much more memorable experience if it is just you and nature.

2020 was a strange year, to say the least. Everything that could happen did happen, and it was places like the North Shore that helped us all make it through. So, make a promise to yourself in 2021 that you will take the time to explore somewhere new on the North Shore. Hike somewhere new, eat somewhere new, and try a new skill you haven't attempted before—skiing, snowshoeing, birdwatching, stargazing, etc. If you are looking for a resolution, this would be a good one.

See you out there. 

Mark at Larsmont Cottages
Explore Coordinator, Larsmont Cottages
Mark B, Explore Coordinator at Larsmont Cottages

Meet Mark

As an avid outdoorsman Mark has explored the North Shore from Duluth to Grand Portage. And he's ready to spill the beans on the region's best hikes, vistas, and adventures. Stay tuned to his blog for trail reports, new activities, and more.

Mark runs the activities program at Larsmont Cottages which is open to all guests of Odyssey Resorts.

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