Where to Shoot | What You Need | How to Take Moon Photos

Web and phone apps like TPE and PhotoPills make planning your night sky shots a snap.

North Shore Moon Photography Location Ideas

Using tools like The Photographer’s Ephemeris or PhotoPills makes planning your night sky photography a cinch. No star charts and sextants necessary. With them, you can pick a location and date then see the optimal time to take your picture.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Try the wayside rest just south of the park entrance for iconic shots like the featured image in this post.

Another nice spot is just north of Pebble Beach. It’s a gentle hike but gets icy in the winter, so be careful!

Moonrise Over Lake Superior

The Gitchi Gammi Park on the north end of the Duluth hosts Brighton Beach – a lovely spot for enjoying an evening photographing the night sky. Be warned, though, this close to Duluth you’ll be dealing with more light pollution than some of the more remote spots on the shore.

Stoney Point is just south of Larsmont Cottages, and it’s a popular spot for photographers, surfers, and…well anyone that loves Lake Superior.

Required Equipment

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with a Telephoto lens (200mm or greater)
  • Tripod

What you don’t need:

You don’t need to buy a fancy, expensive lens just for your north shore vacation. There is a multitude of affordable rental options that are perfect for trying out a new style or gear while traveling.

Local Photography Rentals

Online Photography Rentals

How to Take Great Photos of the Moon

Featured photo by Dennis O’Hara is used with permission.