Back-To-School Travel

Now’s the time to bring the family to the North Shore before the schoolyear begins.

It’s hard to believe but soon enough, the kids will be back in the classroom and summer will end. But it’s not impossible to squeeze in a last-minute family trip before the kids are back at school. Odyssey’s family-friendly resorts are filled with some extra bonding moments for the end-of-summer-blues and you have 6 very unique reosorts to pick from!

Choose from 6 different Odyssey Resorts

Odyssey Resorts are perfect settings to enjoy the summer season’s very best. Your travels will provide laughs, lasting memories, and lots for student(s) to talk about at school. Each of our resort destinations are located near beautiful wilderness, entertainment options for all ages, and historic landmarks that amaze.

The Great Outdoors

Students need the opportunity to take a breath, to smell the flowers and enjoy the great outdoors before the demands of school and extracurricular activities take hold. The natural landscapes that surround our properties are great areas to explore. Spending quality time in these wilderness settings can be inspiring and restorative. A break from distraction, immersed in nature is one of our favorite ways to prepare for a new school year.

Entertainment for All Ages

Before hitting the books and working hard, it’s nice to allot some time for activities you enjoy. Odyssey Resorts is the perfect location to find entertainment for all ages. A sprawling art scene, recreational fun, nightlife and restaurants are just a few of the options to choose from. We recommend checking your resort’s events calendar for the many interesting one-of-a-kind events that occur throughout the year.

History and Landmarks

The North Shore of Lake Superior is the perfect setting for a history lesson. The area

Is home to many famous landmarks to visit. The whole family will be enjoy touring sites and exploring the area’s rich traditions and legacy.

As the summer comes to a close, there’s time for one final trip before the season ends. Back-to-school travel with Odyssey Resorts will set up students and families for fun and success.