Kid and Adult Activities at Breezy Point

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The North Shore has endless adventure and outdoor activities.

If you have been to Breezy Point before, you will realize it is an understatement to say it is extremely scenic. The cool clear waters of Lake Superior crash on the rocks right outside your window and you can look far across the lake.

Since the fascination with water is a universal human phenomenon, adults and kids all love the water and will enjoy being at Breezy Point. Still, not everyone will enjoy or be able to do every activity. If you have little ones, some things can be done together and some activities are best for one group or the other.

Opportunities for everyone

Going out in a sailboat

At Knife River, we can recommend a family-friendly charter boating company. Amicus Adventure Sailing encourages bringing all ages along on their cruises. These are fun cruises where you can silently enjoy the waters while taking your turn at the wheel or the ropes.

Hanging out by the water

To enjoy the water at Breezy Point, you don’t even have to go outside because you’ve got such good views. For a closer encounter with the water, you can sit on the deck or walk to the cliffs edging the lake. This is a good place to skip rocks and watch for gulls.

Enjoying this water is an all-ages event, with proper supervision. Everyone can look up at the distant freighters or get a little wet from the giant splashing waves.

Looking at waterfalls

If you want to do a little driving you can see water in a different form. Not far from Breezy Point are a number of waterfalls that everyone can enjoy. Gooseberry Falls is an awesome site and is built to be very accessible. Reaching the falls at Tettegouche requires a fairly good hike, but parents sometimes reach them while carrying small kids on their backs. It might be more difficult when your kid is too heavy to carry but too small to do all this hiking.

Bike riding

The Scenic Highway is a fun place to bike, using some sort of child seat. Further up north is the Gitchi-Gami Trail, which is a short drive from Breezy Point.

Driving around looking at nature

What if it’s raining? Traveling by car is a great way to see a lot of nature in a short amount of time. It is also something the whole family can do.

Activities mostly for adults


Kayaking is fun but is really meant for those above a certain height. There is a reason why kayak lessons always include learning rescue techniques.

At Breezy Point, you can launch your kayak and go along the shore. The kid and parent left on shore can watch you without there and laugh if they see you fall in. It is also easy for each parent to take quick turns on the water and come back.

Snowshoeing and Cross-country skiing

Snowshoeing is fun and can be done by those of appropriate age, at a number of places near Breezy Point. This is the “backcountry” version where you make your own trail. Cross-country skiing is faster but requires a little more technique. Fortunately, the area has so many trails you won’t be at a loss for places to go.

Other adult activities

Though the list is endless, a few other things adults can do in the area are mountain biking, long-distance hiking, and rock climbing. Between ski and bike trails, the rock faces at Palisade Head and the Superior Hiking Trail there are many places to go.

Opportunities for kids

Attending daycare

Two Harbors has a couple of different daycare locations, where you can leave your kids when you and your spouse have some non-kid-friendly activity you really want to do together. You can check out the ones in town and see which one your kids will have the most fun at.

Going to kids’ camp
Kids’ camps offer kids an opportunity to have fun and explore the area. Kids’ camps also give mom and dad a chance to have fun, while the kids are doing exciting things. There are kids’ camps a half-hour away in Duluth, as well as up the shore. One place with camps up the shore is the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. The Two Harbors Public Library also has fun activities for kids throughout the year.

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