Fill Up on Fall Favorites

Special Edition  |  Sep, 04, 2020

The official start of fall isn’t until September 22nd, but up here we like to get a jumpstart on celebrating everything the season has to offer, and you’re invited! Book a midweek fall getaway while you still can or start planning for winter.

Celebrate fall by venturing outdoors and catching a glimpse of the beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves dotting the North Shore. Whether you prefer to enjoy the colorful collage by boat, car, rail, foot, or sky, our newest interactive map highlights all the best destinations and tours to help you plan your trip.

Start ExploringFood on a Stick Platter

 Missing the State Fair and all of its delicious food? We’ve got you covered! For $19, Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages is serving up a mouthwatering food-on-a-stick platter, available as an entrée or to share. Don’t wait! It’ll only be available for a limited time.

As I write this post, summer is giving way to fall. Colors are changing on the shore, lobster mushrooms abound, the waves are kicking up, and there is talk of the first frost in a few days.
But I am not ready to concede summer fare to the dark heavy sustenance of autumn. Summer, with its long warm days, asks for something cool and refreshing. For that, I turn to pressed watermelon. 
Simply vacuum sealing watermelon concentrates flavor and moisture. The pressure in the bag breaks the cell walls and pushes out air, making the melon denser, juicier and full-flavored. Try the recipe at home with your vacuum sealer for a new experience.

½ seedless watermelon, rind removed
1 lime
¼ C. mint leaves
Cut the watermelon to a rectangle 1” thick. Sprinkle with lime juice and mint. Place in a vacuum pouch. Vacuum at maximum pressure and seal. Let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Remove from bag and dice or slice thinly, then shingle on a plate and enjoy.

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