Cost Saving Tips for Your Next North Shore Venture

By Brett
Stay and save at an Odyssey Resort for your next North Shore venture with these trip planning and cost saving tips.

Let’s Spend the Trip Together

Making travel plans can be a headache. Anyone who’s spent time in an airport or tried to make flight plans knows the chaos that comes with delayed, canceled flights, or overbookings which have been steadily increasing. Additionally, no one likes to hear about price increases or, worse, inflation. Just reading the word is enough to make one recoil in fear. The statistics only reinforce what everyone already knows: Prices for everything are climbing.

For many people, when faced with rising prices and the potential for last-minute flight cancellations wreaking havoc on travel plans, tough decisions must be made. 

We want to help you ease the weight you carry when deciding where to cut costs and save you as much as possible (plus Odyssey Resorts won’t cancel on you last minute like an airline). Everyone’s financial situation is unique and different. Still, we’ve put together several helpful travel tips to consider when planning your next trip to one of our North Shore Resorts.

Work It Out with an Odyssey Lodging Deal

Take your pick of Odyssey Resorts varied lodgings styles and deals for your next road trip with your family and friends, so you’ll be able to save straight out of the gate when booking your vacation.

For larger families, consider an accommodation option that has additional sleeping options like Lutsen Sea Villas, 1 or 2 Bedroom Villas which both have loft areas (which are great for kids bunking up). Families looking for more privacy should consider an accommodation like the Lake Home at Grand Superior Lodge. Couples traveling together can share a 2 bedroom suite at East Bay Suites in the heart of Grand Marais. This option features a full kitchen to prepare meals with one another after stocking up at the Cook County Whole Foods Co-Op

Guests looking for great value and to stretch their dollars a bit further should check out the Mountain Inn at Lutsen, which offers boutique hotel-style lodging features family-friendly accommodations and prices. Mountain Inn also offers 1 night stays midweek for those needing to catch their breath near Lake Superior for a night.

The North Shore Waits for You

With the scenic North Shore Highway 61, there’s plenty of reason to slow down and enjoy the ride along the coastline. In addition to being safer for travel, The Department of Energy estimates that, on average, for each 5 mph over 50 mph is like paying an additional $.34 per gallon. For some inspiration and encouragement, check out our list of 24 Iconic North Shore Road Trip Stops.

Next time, ease into your vacation by drifting up the long and winding road to your North Shore destination while extending the time between having to top off your fuel tank.

Bonus: Shorten the time spent looking for the cheapest fuel stations by using GasBuddy which offers the Top 10 Gas Stations and Cheapest Fuel Prices by location as reported by recent visitors.

Take Fido Ridin’ in the Car (Car)

According to Home Guide, dog owners spend $40 dollars on average per night to board their beloved dog. If you have more than one dog, pet owners must deal with additional fees. For weeklong or extended vacations, the average cost rises to an average of $150 per dog for weekly boarding fees. These fees also increase depending on the breed and size of the dog or worse negotiating breed restrictions.

We encourage you to not leave your pup wondering where everybody went while you’re on vacation. Odyssey Resorts has several dog friendly lodging options to pick from which will let fido stay with the pack. Dogs like to have fun and experience adventure just as much as their human counterparts.

For example, at Mountain Inn up to 2 dogs can stay at a cost of $35 per night, capping out at $105 after 3 nights(but family and Fido can stay longer). Over at East Bay Suites, dogs can stay with just a $30 per day charge for up to 3 days, but also have the option of getting discount by booking a Pooch Package!

Bonus: Stroll lakeside in Grand Marais, grabbing a pup cup for your dog and a treat for yourself at Sydney’s Frozen Custard & Wood-Fired Pizza.

The Best Things in Life

For families looking to linger around the resort after spending so much time on the road, there are plenty of free family-friendly activities which abound across our resorts. For example, at Larsmont Cottages, kids can bug out with one of our butter fly catching kits. Kids can also partake in daily craft activities at Larsmont and Caribou Highlands or enjoy the playground at Lutsen Sea Villas.

For families looking to voyage further away from their rooms, there are plenty of free activities to be found along the North Shore. A visit to Enger Park and Tower offers a great view of Duluth, which dramatist and actor Sam Shepard, said was like experiencing “something out of [Jack] Kerouac.” Two Harbors has some of the greatest beaches on the North Shore to take a stroll along, such as Iona’s Beach Scientific and Natural Area. Guests staying the Lutsen and Grand Marais area, should saunter up the historic Gunflint Trail to discover the Chik-Wauk Museum & Nature Center. While not free, it is well worth the price of admission of $5.50 for adults and $2.50 for Children. In addition to being able to immerse yourself in the cultural history of the Gunflint Trail, there are several short hikes which offer great views of Saganaga and Seagull Lakes.

If you are planning a trip to the North Shore in future, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help make the best travel arrangements for you.

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