Ski Conditions Update


Lutsen Mountains 

Ski UPdate for 01/24/23

Snow Conditions
Packed Powder
Best Run Right Now
Its really hard to pick just one run as the best especially since it takes multiple run to get to the base. Just remember to enjoy your time on the hill and find your favorite/best run of the day. Create your own adventure.
Tip of the Day
It is very beneficial to remember to pick up your lift tickets the day before and rentals if needed. The rental shop is occasionally open later on the weekends check hours at the Lutsen Mountains Website.

Caribou Highlands can print off lift tickets for guests at the front desk that have been pre-purchased and waivers signed.
Passes that we "can not" print include: Indy/Buddy/4th Grade/MN Industry. Thank you for your understanding.

Remember to be patient/courteous to your fellow ski hill enthusiasts. Please remember to give everyone enough space on the hill to avoid any unwanted accidents or injuries. Everyone is here to enjoy themselves and have a fun filled trip with their friends and family. Additionally, remember that all staff members here and in the surrounding properties are doing everything in their power to make sure your trip is spectacular. So please be patient and courteous with them also and enjoy your time on the hill.

Cheers :)

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Highlight of the Day
I spent my morning snowboarding on Moose Mountain with lots of great runs with fast smooth riding. I finished my morning grabbing a beverage and lunch at the moose Chalet. I switched over to my skis in the afternoon and finished my day on Eagle mountain which was a blast.

I will say the Mystery mountain often gets over looked because there is only a handful of runs so definitely make time for it.

I was an absolutely beautiful day on the Mountains for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts alike.
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