Exploring Cascade River

By Mark
Cascade River Lutsen Minnesota
Your guide to the North Shore

Exploring the Cascading Falls in Lutsen

From the beginning, the idea of this blog is to help guide you to fun adventures and extraordinary places to visit on the North Shore. When you vacation at Larsmont Cottages, our resort is only a part of the big picture. We want you to have the chance to explore the area. Learn about the landscape and find attractions that keep you coming back. With this blog series, I will show you some of my absolute favorite places along the shore. One by one, I will tell you why I adore these places.

First Stop - Cascade River

To me, the Cascade River has long been one of, if not the favorite place of mine on the entire North Shore. I tend to be drawn towards rivers and creeks and trails that are often overlooked because attractions by the big lake overshadow them. The Cascade River has some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery, cascading water, waterfalls, and shoreline anywhere along the North Shore. Every time I am there, it's like I am seeing it for the first time.

If you are a hiker, backpacker, snowshoer, xc skier, or enjoy doing anything outside, Cascade offers something for everyone. Take the hike up Lookout Mountain to see a vista that rivals any view along the shore. Hike the trail along the river for seemingly endless miles. Check out the mouth of the river and see if you can find the" Lazy Boy," which is the most comfortable rock formation ever to take a rest on. Just ask me when you're at Larsmont, and I'll tell you right where it is.

This place also offers excellent opportunities to take beautiful pictures. The waterfalls, the cascades, the flat water above it all are nothing short of stunning. I have spent many hours and days roaming the river around the state park, taking all of this in for years, and I've found this place to be the most accessible to finding picture-worthy shots.

Although Cascade River doesn't have a large amount of roamable shoreline, it has some of the most rugged and beautiful. The river's mouth comes out beneath a beautiful old bridge, and at times, when the water is high, it flows fast and with a pretty good roar. Plus, this is a perfect spot to catch an amazing sunrise over the lake.

The next time you are visiting, I hope you consider taking a drive up to Cascade River. You won't be disappointed.

See you at the cascades. I'll be the one hanging off the edge of a rock with a camera.
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