Camp Cooking 101: Dutch Oven Breakfast

By Mark
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Camp Cooking 101
with Mark

Every Sunday at Larsmont Cottages, we hold a camp cooking session on preparing food over an open fire to share with our guests the allure of outdoor cooking. Stop by and enjoy fire-roasted coffee and good conversation about outdoor cooking and the North Shore.

Meet at the lodge firepit from 10 AM - 2 PM.

As beautiful as the sights and smells can be in nature, there is one very appealing thing that can undoubtedly trigger those sights and smells, and eventually, those taste buds. Eating food that you take time to prepare outside over a fire is rewarding, to say the least. It doesn't seem to matter what you eat or how you cook it; food just seems to taste better when you are outside.
The two most important meals people cook outside when camping is usually breakfast and dinner. That's why we have dug deep into each of these to come up with some real crowd-pleasers that you get to sample when you stop by Larsmont's Lodge firepit on Sunday mornings.
Among some of the meals we prepare is what I consider the ultimate camp breakfast: the dutch oven breakfast. The dutch oven breakfast consists of everything cooked stacked on top of each other in one large pot to make a one-of-a-kind open-faced breakfast. I'm going to go over this one briefly, so you get the idea. Who knows? Perhaps you will want to try this one at home on your fire or next time you are on a big camping excursion.

How to Cook with a Dutch Oven


Dutch Oven (cast iron, at least 6 qts.)
Two tubes of your favorite breakfast sausage
One bag frozen hash browns
Bell peppers (3 or 4, any color you wish)
One dozen eggs
One bag shredded cheese
One tube biscuit dough


Step One: Brown the sausage but not completely to prevent over-cooking (do this in preferably another cast iron pan that you have over the fire that you have built. (If you need to know how to build a fire, I haven't covered that here yet, but it will be discussed).

Step Two: Place the sausage in the bottom of your dutch oven and then dump the hash browns on top of that, place the peppers (that you previously have cut up) on top of the hash browns, crack a dozen eggs on top of that (the yolks can break that's fine) dump the bag of cheese on top of that and spread evenly.

Step Three: This is the part where you place the dutch oven directly into the coals of the fire that you lit about an hour or so ago so it could burn down to hot coals. Scrape the bottom coals away as best as possible and when the dutch oven is placed in the fire pit, stack coals around the oven and on top of the lid. Let it sit and cook in the coals for at least half an hour.

Step Four: Remove the lid and place biscuits on the top, replace the lid and the coals on top, and let sit there for another 10 minutes or so, and when it is done, it should look something like this.

That's it; you get to enjoy a hot breakfast! Cut into it like you would with a pie and serve. After you cut out a few portions of the, you can see the true beauty of what you have created.
I promise you that this dish will fill you up and please every one of your senses. When cooking, you'll be able to hear the sausage and cheese sizzling, and once it's pulled off the fire and the lid lifted, you'll see and smell how amazing this dish turned out. 

So the next time you visit Larsmont Cottages, be sure to ask the front desk about what we're cooking up on Sunday for Camp Cooking 101 with Mark.

See you around the campfire,
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