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The best of Duluth can be found by biking along the Lakewalk from Beacon Pointe on Lake Superior

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It’s Summer in Duluth, and Canal Park is where all the action is. While it’s fun to eat, drink, and shop the area, it’s also nice to get away from the crowds at the end of the day. To just relax on your secluded back deck or patio, and listen to the sound of the waves.

Thanks to the Lakewalk, you can have the best of both worlds at Beacon Pointe.

Bikes of every size are available for guests to check out, free of charge.

Despite being two miles away, Beacon Pointe has a direct connection to Canal Park via Duluth’s Lakewalk pedestrian and bike path.

Didn’t travel with a bike? No problem! Beacon Pointe has a garage full of bikes of all sizes, including 1 and 2 seat child trailers. Everything is tuned up, and ready to roll. Bike locks and helmets are also provided.

I had no trouble gearing up my two kids, ages 4, and 7 for a bike ride with a mission – to find the best ice cream in Duluth.

Estimated time to the Lift Bridge from Beacon Pointe

  • Car – 7 minutes
  • Bike – 11 minutes
  • Walk – 46 minutes

With no particular deadline or plans, our trip took a lot more than 11 minutes, but included a number of fun stops. My daughter especially loved the Rose Garden, one of Duluth’s most beautiful parks, with a gazebo, stone fountain, and thousands of rose bushes and other flowers.

The Rose Garden in Duluth is a worthwhile stop off the Lakewalk

The Rose Garden blends into Leif Erikson Park, where we stopped to check out the shoreline for a while. If you are here with the family on a Friday night, you can catch a free movie outside. (Check the schedule here)

Another half mile and we arrived at Fitgers Brewhouse, a historic building full of great shops, and restaurants. My kids discovered the Portland Malt Shoppe, and I was quickly talked into buying a round of ice cream.

We biked past the Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and through Gichi-Ode’ Akiing (Lake Place Park) and headed down to another great pebble beach for some lake time. A large cruise ship blew its horn as it passed under the nearby lift bridge.

A large cruise ship sails under the Aerial Lift Bridge in June

It’s now been over an hour since we last ate ice cream, so we set off to downtown Canal Park to find Love Creamery. The Salted Carmel waffle cone was a highlight. We debated which ice cream stop was the favorite. I voted for Love Creamery, while my kids preferred the Portland Malt Shoppe.

Ice cream is not hard to find on the Lakewalk

I can’t end this story without mentioning Lincoln Park, Duluth’s growing craft district, where you can find even more great places to eat, drink, shop, and enjoy ice cream. It’s about twice the distance as Canal Park, and requires traveling on Superior Street, so biking would be a no-go for me with the kids, but it would be an awesome ride with other adults.

After the whirlwind of excitement, sunshine, and sugar, we headed back to Beacon Pointe, returned the bikes, and walked out to enjoy the lake again. The shore here is secluded, and quiet.  Despite all that Canal Park has to offer, the greatest asset is obviously the Lake itself, and having a piece of it to ourselves at the end of the day is one of the best reasons to stay at a place like this.

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