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All Ages Fun When Staying at Larsmont Cottages


Activities For the Whole Family

Swimming in the pools

Larsmont has an indoor pool. So, people who need water wings and those who don’t can enjoy getting in the water, any time of the year.

Sailing on Lake Superior

Amicus Adventure Sailing is only five minutes away in Knife River and is looking for new crew members of every age. They will take you out on Lake Superior and let you try your hand at the controls.

Walking by Lake Superior

Even if some hand-holding is needed, everyone enjoys walking by the cool clear waters of Lake Superior. You can beach walk right on the grounds or visit one of the nearby beaches, like Knife River Beach.

Looking at waterfalls

Gooseberry Falls is just a little up the shore and is an easily-accessible location to witness nature’s roar and mist. Another set of nearby falls is at Tettegouche State Park. They are a little more challenging to reach, but parents have been known to visit them carrying their small kids on their backs.

Biking (non-mountain)

Even those who can’t reach the pedals yet can be carried on the back of the bike or towed in a bike trailer. You can have loads of fun biking up and down the Scenic Drive or you can drive up to the Gitchi-Gami trail for a little more adventure. If you don’t want to bring a bike, we have some you can check out from the front desk for both adults and kids.

Exploring nature by car

Too cold or hot for a bike ride? When you are in a car, it is easy for everyone to enjoy the woods.

Sitting by the fire and eating s’ mores

Whether you like them burnt or golden brown, people of all ages will enjoy putting hot marshmallows on a graham cracker with some chocolate while sitting by the fire. Yum!

Playing games

Larsmont Cottages has a wide assortment of board games for kids of all ages. They are great for playing on a rainy day or when you just want to catch up on some quality time while competing with your family. 

Activities mostly for adults

Sitting in the hot tub and sauna

Our hot tub and sauna are great but probably won’t work as well for young kids. That’s ok. They don’t really know what stress is yet, anyway. For further relaxation, order cocktails at the bar and enjoy them in the hot tub.

Going for a run

The scenery is nice for getting your morning run in and if it’s really raining we have an exercise room.


Kayaking is fun and relaxing, and can be done right from Larsmont Cottages. But, since there is always a chance of tipping, this pastime should probably be kept for older children and adults. The water’s pretty cold!


The wilderness near Larsmont is an outdoor playground with many ski trails and open woods for snowshoeing. Make sure to dress warmly.

Activities mostly for kids

Scheduled Kids’ Activities at Larsmont

Most days in the summer, Larsmont Cottages has fun activities planned and has a team that plans out fun stuff for guest kids to do. They schedule and set up all sorts of events, from painting rocks to gluing leaves together.

Kids’ Camp

The cities on the North Shore have a number of fun summer camps that are educational and fun. You can go here for a list and description. You can see if one of the dates of one of these camps coincides with when you want to come over to Larsmont.


Sometimes you have a big adventure you both want to go on, and you just can’t take your little ones along. In this case, you can use one of the many daycare providers in Two Harbors or a little further away in Duluth. Call around and choose the one you feel most comfortable with and which looks like your kids will enjoy the most. Sittercity is a good resource if you don’t know where to call.

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