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5 Must-See Waterfalls


Cascade River State Park – Lutsen, Minnesota (9.1 mi)

This park allows you to get a full day of waterfall watching in due to the number of waterfalls that it has within its gorge. Cascade Falls suddenly begins ten miles above Highway 61 and then flows into Lake Superior. To hike both sides of the Cascade River, park at the river mouth and follow the trail signs. This amazing stop will leave you in awe.

Devil’s Kettle – Grand Marais, Minnesota (15.6 mi)

Want to see a waterfall that even has geologists scratching their heads? If so, Devil’s Kettle is the place to be. The waterfall comes from the Brule River, which flows through Judge C.R. Magney State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior and then splits into two streams. The waterfall that flows from the right drops 50 feet and then flows into Lake Superior. The left waterfall drops into a sinkhole and disappears. Geologists have an inkling that the water may be flowing back into the right stream due to measuring the speed of the water before and after they split off. But they cannot be certain.

Poplar River – Lutsen, MN (21.2 mi)

A short and easy hike from the Caribou Highlands Lodge in Lutsen, Minnesota are the bustling Poplar River Falls, which are surrounded by a lush green forest. In addition to these falls, there is another waterfall not too far away on the same river.

Pigeon River – Grand Portage, Minnesota (40.6 mi)

Ever wonder where the tallest waterfall in Minnesota is? We have the answer. Visit Grand Portage State Park to view the 120 foot Pigeon River cascade, which crashes down into a pool of water and then out to Lake Superior. To find the waterfall, one must hike 1 mile from the parking lot to the observation platform of the falls. The interesting thing is, the platform is also located at the International Border of the United States and Canada.

Kakabeka Falls – Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario (79.7 mi)

Kakabeka Falls, also known as the “Niagara of the North,” is the perfect place to end your waterfall tour. Located in Canada, the 131-foot waterfall will take your breath away. To get there, drive 34 miles north of the border and then take ON 130 for 13 miles. Keep an eye out for the signs!

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