5 Minnesotan Podcasts to Listen to on the Road

By Brett
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Are you ready to hit the road, but need some additional entertainment? When "21 Questions" gets old or your friend who shouldn't be the de-facto DJ has been in control for far too long, you'll want to have a different playlist queued up. Minnesota offers a variety of entertaining and enlightening binge-worthy podcasts to keep everyone entertained on those lengthy drives to the North Shore.

From history buffs to outdoors enthusiasts, Minnesota has something for everyone in its local and regionally hosted podcasts. We've put together five of our favorites, including one produced and hosted by North Shore residents.

Press play on a good show, and enjoy the drive to one of our North Shore resorts.

A Boundary Waters Podcast

In between the banter about music, literature, and film, the Tumblehome podcast provides valuable information for all things related to outfitting your trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Duo Erik and Adam chat about anything that has to do with those sacred waters or the nearby Superior National Forest that stretches across the North Shore. Whether it's your "first time or fiftieth" trip into the BWCAW, they can help make sure there are a few less surprises as you paddle and portage.

On Being

With Krista Tippett

Recorded in Minneapolis, On Being is a Peabody-award winning podcast examining what it calls the “animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?”  The pursuit for answers to these questions rests in the intimate dialogue Krista creates with poets, scientists, faith leaders, philosophers, and others. The thoughtful conversations stand out, lending a compassionate voice, which isn’t filled with ironic or cynical underpinnings; it’s unwavering in the genuine desire for connection and search for deeper meaning.

Native Minnesota

with Rebecca Crooks-Stratton

Native Minnesota is a powerful podcast which celebrates Native culture, personalities and accomplishments while helping to dispel common myths and misconceptions about Indigenous peoples.  The podcast was developed as part of a larger conversation with Understand Native Minnesota, a strategic initiative and philanthropic campaign focused on Native American narrative changes in Minnesota’s schools. Launching in 2019, Native Minnesota benefits and encourages Minnesotans of all backgrounds to have a better awareness of Native American experiences, current circumstances, and stories.

Minnesota Bound

"More than just a hunting or fishing program," the Minnesota Bound podcast expands upon the long running television series of the same name. With their appreciation for the great outdoors, hosts, Bill Sherck, Laura Schara, and Ron Schara seek out people with interesting stories to share, and explore destinations which have something truly special to offer. It features chats with Minnesota artists, discussions about conservation efforts, dog training tips, and prime fall leaf peeping spots!

Minnesota’s Most Notorious:

Where Blood Runs Cold

What podcast list would be complete if it didn't include something for true crime fans? If you're a history buff, Minnesota's Most Notorious: Where Blood Runs Cold, hosted by Erik Ravenes is a must-listen. The podcast takes a deep dive into true crime stories from around the state. Featuring a mix of fascinating interviews and expert analysis, Where Blood Runs Cold has all the makings of a binge worthy podcast for true crime aficionados.

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